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Subscription Details

Basic Subscription

$100 Every month

Unlock insights into your Bazi chart gaining a deeper understanding into all aspects of your life. Ask me anything.


  • I will analyze the interaction  and influences of the current month's  celestial energies on your Day Master.

  • You gain a deeper understanding of how these energies many impact various aspects of your life, including relationships, career, health and your over all well being.

  • In addition to the monthly forecast for your Day Master, you will also receive your personalized Tong Shu calendar and a Flying Star chart analysis.

  • You will receive your own personalized Tong Shu Calendar making sure you are doing the right activities on the right day at the right time. 

  • Your personal Flying Star chart is a powerful tool used used in Feng Shui to assess the energy dynamics of a physical space.

  • By integrating the Flying Star chart with your Bazi chart, I will provide you with a comprehensive view of the monthly energies

  • Minimum 3 Month Purchase

3 Session Bazi Reading



Get three, 1-hour sessions of Bazi Reading

Valid for 6 months

  • 3 Session Package Bazi Reading

6 Session Bazi Reading



Get six, 1-hour sessions of Bazi Reading

Valid for 1 year

  • 6 Session Package Bazi Reading

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