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Melanie Norman


Melanie's passion for Food & Healing began at a young age, becoming an expert in her field, creating and teaching delicious and nutrient dense meals that were both satisfying and nourishing. She is the co-founder of The Academy of Healing Nutrition, Nova Institute and Black Canyon Inn, and taught at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts for 20 years. She is presently founder of The Red Dragon Consulting Group and has a Private Facebook page, Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, with over 9.9K followers. Melanie is also a visiting teacher with Tian Di Ren Academy, located in India, as well as a Practitioner at The Angel Cooperative in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where she offers private, live Bazi readings as well as Workshops on Feng Shui, Bazi Chinese Astrology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Food and Healing.


In addition to her culinary expertise, Melanie has developed a deep understanding of Chinese Metaphysics incorporating her deep understanding of the 5 Elements in healing and nutrition into her Chinese Metaphysics practice today. When she started studying Chinese Metaphysics, the 5 Element theory was already in her DNA. She incorporates these ancient practices into her teaching and consulting to help her clients achieve optimal health, finding their souls purpose, assisting them in creating abundance on all levels, including wealth and well-being. Melanies unique approach to nutrition, wellness and Chinese Metaphysics has earned her a reputation as a sought-after expert in the field.

Throughout her career, Melanie has worked with a wide range of clients, including the Saudi Royal Family, and Corporations, from celebrities to individuals as well as busy families, to help them achieve their goals. Certified in 2 Schools of Chinese Metaphysics including Classical Feng Shui, and Bazi, Melanie has studied with many Masters, including Dato Joey Yap, GM Raymond Lo, Richard Ashworth, Sherry Merchant,  Marlyna Los, Lily Chung, Aaron Lee Koch, Roger Green, and her most influential mentor, Jayashree Bose. She has also been a featured author in several books and articles, sharing her expertise and passion.


Today, Melanie continues to inspire and educate others through her teaching, consulting, and writing, helping organizations improve their bottom line as well as helping individuals achieve their souls purpose and over all quality of life from relationships, to wealth and over all well being.

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