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Master Class - Bazi Chinese Astrology 
4 Pillars of Destiny Certification


Unlock Your Energy Blueprint: Bazi Master Class

In this intensive program, you'll dive deep into the ancient Chinese astrological system of Bazi to truly understand your "energy blueprint" - who you are at your core and your life's greater purpose.

Go beyond just letting fate happen - learn to create your destiny by harnessing your personal power, strategic action, wise choices, and divine timing to craft your best life.

As a certified Bazi expert, I'll guide you through analyzing your birth chart's 10 Heavenly Stems, 12 Earthly Branches, and Personal Day Master - the KEY to revealing your true self, character, strengths, weaknesses, and profound life mission.

Discover how to leverage Luck Pillars, indispensable 10-year life phases that pinpoint ideal timing for opportunities or challenges across relationships, career, wealth, and more. With my professional instruction, you'll master using this ancient wisdom for your ultimate personal and professional growth.

Upon completion, you'll be a certified Bazi practitioner - empowered to help others realize their cosmic potential too.


Embark on a Transformative Journey of Self-Discovery

This live, interactive online mastery program offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the profound study of Chinese Astrology under the expert guidance of Melanie. Through an engaging multimedia learning environment, you'll not only gain a comprehensive theoretical understanding but develop hands-on skills in reading birth charts, interpreting cosmic timing, and recommending effective remedies.

Over an intensive 12-week schedule meeting twice a week, beginning  May 25, 2024, you'll be part of an exclusive group diving deep into the fundamental classics and Five Element philosophy. This all-encompassing approach provides life-changing clarity into your true nature, potential paths, innate psychology, and greater purpose - all coded within your birth Qi imprint.

Far beyond just intellectual concepts, you'll experience profound self-realization by making sense of who you are at the core. Explore how to evolve through life's opportunities and challenges while manifesting your highest self.

Whether seeking professional certification or personal transformation, this master course equips you with invaluable tools to unlock your cosmic blueprint and help others do the same. Seize this chance to access ancient wisdom and enhance your spiritual awakening.


This online class with Melanie covers the topics and lessons below. 


  • Introduction to Qi, Yin & Yang and the 5 Elements

  • In depth understanding of the 5 Element Theory

  • 10 Stems

  • 12 Branches & Fundamental Interactions

  • Advanced 5 Element Interactions

  • Clashes, Combinations, Harms, Destructions and Penalties

  • In-depth analysis of the 10 Gods

  • Luck cycles - how to master your challenges and opportunities

  • In-depth look at the 12 Stages of Growth and how this effects the 10 Gods and Luck Cycles and Health 

  • Your Personal Wealth Creation Strategy

  • Useful Gods

  • Strength of the Day Master

  • Fu Yin & Fan Yin

  • Introduction to Bazi and your Health

  • How to see health issues through TCM & Bazi

  • Special Stars and Influences

  • Conception and Life Palace and more

Who should take this course?   Anyone who wishes to live a more proactive, empowered life. Practitioners who wish to have a broader perspective of information on TCM through the eyes of Bazi and treatment. Anyone who wishes to have deeper insights to life paths and fate.

Requirements: An open mind and willing heart and a commitment to yourself to learn.  No previous BaZi or Feng Shui experience is necessary, however, previous knowledge in the theories of Yin/Yang and Five Element Theory is highly beneficial.

Refund Policy:  At Red Dragon Consulting Group we stand behind the quality and transformative value of our Bazi Master Class Certification Program. However, we understand that sometimes circumstances may arise where a student needs to withdraw from the course. In such cases, our refund policy is as follows:

Course Cancellation Before Start Date: If you cancel your enrollment 5 days or more before the start date, you will receive a full refund  of the tuition fees paid, less $75 administrative fee. 

Withdrawal After Course Commences: 

There is a no refund policy for withdrawals after the course start date. All tuition fees are non-refundable once the training has begun. In cases of extenuating circumstances like medical emergencies (with documentation provided) a prorated tuition refund may be considered at the sole discretion of Red Dragon Consulting Group. 

All refund requests must be made in writing via email to: Refunds will be processed within 5 business days of receipt of the approved cancellation/withdrawal request. Please note that any bonus materials, workshops or coaching  sessions provided are non-transferrable and wil be forfeited if a refund is issued prior to the beginning date of the course.

We make every effort to ensure students are satisfied, however refunds are limited per the terms outlined above. We appreciate your understanding.

Full Price


Early Bird Special $1881 until May 20th
with coupon code: BAZIMASTERCLASS912

3 Payments

$750 Per Month For 3 Months

6 Payments

$385 Per Month For 6 Months

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