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What Will Happen in the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023?

As the Solar New Year of the Water Rabbit is only days away, on February 4th, also known as Lichun, many have been asking what will happen in the Year of the Water Rabbit?


To answer this question I take you back to 2020. Why were there no Chinese Metaphysics Masters that predicted the Pandemic? Many could not understand why. They saw signs of upheaval, change, and downturn, but no one predicted the Pandemic coming. The only Oracle that predicted this correctly was the Mother Earth Oracle, 2000 years old from the Yellow Emperor’s era, and last updated 400 years ago in the Qing Dynasty. The Mother Earth Oracle is the first page of the yearly Tong Shu, the Chinese Calendar.


In 2020, the Mother Earth Oracle said “Whole world will experience illness and disaster. Whole World will be affected.”


In 2021, it says “Half the people will be sick.” In 2022, “People come back to normal.” “6 Types of Animals, everything disaster.” As this was a farming society when this was written, the animals represented their investment returns. In 2023 many people’s investments went down overnight. Many lost money in their stocks, 401K retirement plans, and cryptocurrencies.


What does the Mother Earth Oracle say for 2023? 1st Line: “High & Low, half worry.” “1/2 are depressed or frustrated. Rich and poor, all will be affected.”


2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Line: Talks about the weather: “In the spring and summer there is a lot of rain and flooding. In the autumn and winter, there is a lack of water.” The erratic climate affects production, affecting prices, and contributing to inflation. As this was written in China, remember that China affects global production.


6th Line: “People have a lot of illness.” The Oracle did not say what type of illness, but this line comes up again as it did in 2020.


7th Line: “6 Animals fuzziness, smokey and unseen.” Again this has to do with production. The current economic condition does not look good.


8th Line: “The Mulberry Trees have no leaves. The Silkworms have nothing to eat.” This means production issues again and lack of supply. Those who produce the silk are the silk ladies. “Their buckets are empty.” “The silk maiden carrying basket are busy weeping with sadness.” As they worked from home hundreds of years ago, this is perhaps a metaphor for many of us who are working from home today. Will our buckets be empty?


Many people will lose their jobs. We are already seeing this as thousands have lost their jobs with Big tech companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify. Sadly there is more to come.


This will divide the wealth gap even further between the rich and the poor. Have cash on hand as everything will be on sale, including stocks, bonds, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and precious Metals. If you can, use OPM, other peoples money. Even have 1 or 2 side gigs to help you out in these difficult times.


Even though the buckets are empty and a lot of resource problems the only way out of this is for those who are innovative and creative, especially in the fields of health, wellness, and self-improvement.


This is why I use Feng Shui, Bazi, Date Selection to make better-informed decisions, using timing and the right action. Message me for your annual Bazi, Chinese Astrology, or Feng Shui consultation, to see how you can weather the storm ahead, and how you can thrive in 2023.

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