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Transform Your Health - Bazi and TCM


What you will learn: 5 Organ Functions 5 Organ Systems & their Body Associations 5 Tastes 5 Emotions 5 Thermal Natures 5 Colors associated with healing foods The connection between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being and how food impacts all of these Health issues associated with each element and organ systems The surprising relationship between food and pain. What your Bazi chart says about your health and how to heal the imbalances. The 2 most important Vitamins - A&D Cholesterol is not the enemy Foods that harm Foods that heal Excess or deficiency Damp or Dry Which element is weak if you are experiencing constant fear and lack courage and how to heal and strengthen this organ system. What to do if you, a friend or loved one is angry and short tempered all the time. What organs are prone to these emotions. How to see digestive problems, metabolic resistance, diabetes and what foods and practices one can do to heal What foods to avoid for Heart Disease Weston A. Price, DDS - Nutrition & Physical Degeneration And so much more!

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