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Introduction to Bazi - Chinese Astrology Class


Join me as I introduce you to this magical world of Bazi Chinese Astrology. Based on the date and time of your birth, the moment you took your first breath, your "cosmic DNA" was formed. This is your "energy blueprint" where you will discover who you really are, your life's lessons, your soul purpose, and strategies to help you when facing difficulties and challenges in your life. In this class you will learn: The 5 Elements & the cycles The 10 Heavenly Stems The 12 Earthly Branches Your Personal Day Master (the most important element in your chart) Luck Pillars and how timing affects your Natal Bazi Chart Introduction into the 10 Gods Your Gua # -You are all a Star What is in store for you in the Year of the Water Rabbit Why 2023 is such a crucial year to prepare for Period 9 in 2024 You will each have your personal Bazi Chart sent to you to download and print to follow along in class. "He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened" Lao Tzu

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